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Update on 12/05/2024:

  • • Our funded programme is now full!!
  • • We hope to run this again in the coming 12 months - but you will need to fund it yourself. 
  • • We expect to have fully funded places available again from summer 2026
  • • If you'd like to stay abreast of our news, please sign up to our Instagram or make an application here and you can be on our future waitlist.

Availability for this programme

We have two intakes scheduled, after which our funding will run out. Please only proceed if either of the below suits you. If you'd like to do a teaching programme instead, check out our partners
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You can select both if you'd like to consider either.

Eligiblity criteria for funding

Important eligibility questions. This relates to our eligibility criteria. You may only apply if all answers are yes
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Have you lived in the U.K. for 4 of the past 5 years (Right now, we only have funding for UK long-term residents and citizens)
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Are you aged 18-30? (We operate this as a young-adults development programme)
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This is an entry-level programme, for impact reasons we aren't looking to onboard people with significant permaculture experience. Would you be eligible?


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