From Guatemala to Thailand

Originally, our programmes were run in Guatemala but we have since taken a new step in our adventure, into the wonderful country that is Thailand. The Thailand programme follows a very similar structure to Guatemala and touches upon the same topics, albeit in a slightly different climate. Below you can see some blogs from our previous participants and some pictures alongside.

We are partnered with Gotoco, experts in delivering study and work placements in Thailand. Click here to learn more about Gotoco on their website.

Reviews from Guatemala


It was a great experience that was flexible to the needs of the participant. We got an in-depth education on permaculture which was the main aim of the course. As a bonus, we also made great friendships and had an immersive cultural experience.


My experience with the programme was extremely positive. Getting the PDC has made me consider how to best implement sustainable practices in my life back in the UK. The staff are very supportive. This is an opportunity not to be missed!


This was an opportunity that was too good to pass up.
I enjoy every moment of the 3 months I had spend in Guatemala with G.U.A.T. The program offered a culturally immersive experience with a diverse range of experiences


I believe anyone could benefit from the programme, in terms of understanding sustainable agriculture practices more, opening their eyes to the issues of climate change and seeing more of the world and learning about other cultures.


The coordinators poured their hearts and souls into ensuring our experience was nothing short of exceptional. Without them, this opportunity wouldn’t have been possible and I am eternally grateful to them. I’ve not only broadened my horizons but also made countless meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.


When I stumbled across it online I really thought I had struck gold and was so excited for the possibility of being able to apply and join, and I was not disappointed. I hope there will be more to programmes to come, and that others interested in environmental education/ permaculture have the chance to experience this.


Please see our wealth of 5-star reviews from previous participants in Guatemala. There are links to Trustpilot and GoOverseas below too!

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