A Country Full Of Birds… (by Jason)

This summer I was fortunate enough to spend a little over three months travelling around Guatemala as part of the Guatemala Eco Education Programme. This has given me an excellent opportunity to try and photograph some of the amazing bird species in the area and develop this bird list.

Throughout the year 698 species of bird can be found in Guatemala making it the 38th most diverse country globally in terms of bird life. This is due to the vast variation in environments that can be found around the country, from the tropical rainforests in the north to the volcanic mountainous regions in the West or the hot and humid Caribbean coast in the East.

In 14 different locations across the country, I managed to see 133 species of bird and photograph 122 of them! Including some Iconic species such as the Resplendent Quetzal (the national bird of Guatemala). I hope this blog post will be a little insight into the brilliant diversity of species I saw, from the smallest of hummingbirds to huge iridescent Turkeys wandering the ancient streets of Tikal. This post will have a little bit of information about me, my journey into photography (which started a little over a month before arriving in Guatemala), the places and locations we’ve visited during the course and of course the birds.

Please look through and enjoy.
Thank you for your time,
Jason Harkness




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