Xela, Guatemala (by Colm)

I sit in a cafe sipping coffee from a paper cup. My packed bags lie beside me patiently, waiting for the next leg of my journey. Three months have slipped past and now everyone is back on the road, making way in their own direction.

So much has transpired in this brief period, I try to cling to the memories we’ve created. Yet, what will remain? I fear, as time slips through my fingers, these images will follow.

After each chapter of our trip, a recurring question surfaced: how do we slow the slip of time? If only for a moment? Now our programme draws to a close, what remains are the impressions of the people we’ve encountered and the places we’ve left behind.

This is my attempt to hold on to what we shared together.

I love all you crazy bastards deeply, I’m so grateful for what we made.

See you down the road.






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