Soundscapes in Guatemala by Tati

This playlist is a collection of soundscapes collected by Tati during her time as a participant on the programme.  See below for descriptions.

  1. Hoeing and Raking at Dreamland

This recording was taken during a workday while we hoed and raked the soil to rid it of weeds that had invaded some of the land at Dreamland. We worked near the water and had reached the point of the day when rain started to drizzle on us. 

  1. Pick up truck

Riding on the back of a pick up truck from town to town. 

  1. Sounds of rain at Dreamland

By the end of the 3 months, the rainy season finally started. In the afternoons sometimes torrential rain began to fall on our tin roofs creating an overwhelmingly loud trampling noise over our heads. 

  1. Summer solstice ceremony

To celebrate Summer solstice we participated in a Mayan ceremony. During the ceremony Juan and Manuel, 2 farmers, builders and community leaders in Santiago spoke to us about the importance of their culture, their elders and the protection of mother earth. 

  1. Granja tzikin music

Tzutujil singing at open mic night at Granja Tzikin. Our final night all together. 

  1. Presidential elections

Performances in Santiago main square for one of the presidential candidates.

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